How to Get Your Roses Home

After you go to the garden center and make your selection, you will, of course, take your roses home for planting. Certainly you want to you do this safely. Before we cover how, though, let’s consider the following:

As far as you, the consumer, need to be concerned, there are two ways that roses come packaged for retail–in a sleeve, or in a pot.

Potted roses may or may not have flowers that are in full bloom.

Whether bud or bloom, you need to protect the actual flowers on your potted rose in transit. Place them  in a box sufficiently sized to hold the pot but not so big that it will slide alot. Open up the flaps around the roses to help support the blossoms. If you have quite a few blossoms, or even a few that look full and heavy, you may need to wrap some newpaper GENTLY around the top portion of the pot, and around the roses for added support.

Iif you are buying bareroot roses (the kind of roses wrapped in a sleeve), then you have only the protuding stems to protect. Not hard to do at all, if your ride home is a reasonably smooth one; just place your sleeve of roses on the seat beside you. On the other extreme, if you live on the side of a steep hill that requires taking a four- wheeler up a wild, rocky drive to your home, you could take a few extra precautians– wrap your bundle up in a towel, and place it in a slightly snug container (such as a box) to prevent excessive jarring.

Bareroot roses (at least all that I have purchased) generally don’t have any flowers in bloom yet and probably, you could get by with placing your roses in the back of your pick up truck (but let’s not take any chances).

Bareroot roses have an unfair reputation of being the least desirable choice of roses.

But why? Almost every rose I have planted, without exception, was a discounted, bareroot rose on it’s last leg. (I don’t recommend that you buy this way.) But certainly, my success with roses has proven to me that bareroot roses can absoulutely be grown successful. And while I’m on the subject, let me mention that alot of people fail at growing roses not by choosing the wrong rose, but by incorrectly caring for it. Whether in a pot, or wrapped in a plastic sleeve, no rose will thrive without proper maintenance.

Anyway…off of my soap box.

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