Don’t you hate it when you click on someone’s blog, and all they do is whine about how hard their life is, how hurt their feelings are, and they want to tell you every single nauseating detail?

Yup. It disgusts me too. Makes me wanna reach through my monitor and slap a good mood back on them. “Kwitcher-belly-aching, woman!”

I’ve often wondered why any psychologically balanced person would want to post their everyday mental bric brac up for public display.

Who cares how bad your morning went? Do any of us really need to know that you were slighted by your neighbor, or cut off in traffic? How can such trivia possibly advance me as a human?

There are as many stray, pitiful blog postings as there are abandoned animals. I was always amazed when the local newstations would post pictures of way side waifs, and the multitudes would call them offering a home. “What” I asked myself “is so big about one more recovered mutt? It’s like all the rest of them.”

But, then it happened. Yes, even to me, the lady who looks at life through rose colored glasses.

I, Mama Sue, had a horrible, down in the dumps, will I ever feel better type day.

Maybe your like me…maybe you look at blogs as something sinisterly sentimental–dangerous–a source of over-indulglence for self-absorbed people.

I always have. Just like I used to think pets were for strange people who couldn’t connect with real people.

Till I got one. You see, pets are like blogs. Until you really interact with one, they all seem like so much useless drivel, a pathetic waste of time.

Then, it happens; you find a match. It swoons at you through the glass of the pet shop, whimpering pathetically in it’s 4′ x 2′ space.

How can you resist?

And there you find yourself, numbered among the ranks of soppy, emotional pet owners. You cradle it in your arms, whispering silly names to it as you load it in the mini-van like a blithering fool. Your day has come.

And so, dear reader, it is with this introduction that I offer you my soppy, piteous, “feel for me” rendition of my thanksgiving.

This is also my last post . (In regards to my personal life, that is).

Being surrounded on this site my a plethoria of interpersonal dialogue, and being human myself, I, tough Sue, am biting the bullet and finally beginning a (gasp!) touchy feely like blog.

The rose blog will remain intact, sanctified of all personal musings and mental meandering (I hope). I will continue to give rose advice in a personal tone, but for the sake of being a serious rosarian, I must move my private mind space elsewhere.

Please check back for my first post (coming soon on new blog).

NOTE: Have now completed 2 blogs. My news one is really hopping. Check it out at  and my personal blog at

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