When Ramblers have no roses

Rambling roses and climbers have the same basic needs for blooming as rose bushes. With only a few minor differences, the rules for growing a climbing rose are the same as the 10 steps for growing bushes. Here are the steps that are different.

7. It was not pruned properly — Ramblers and climbers have special pruning needs, and can fail to climb if pruned incorrectly.

11. It was over pruned Many climbers must reach a certain height before they can produce blooms. Some climbers will stop blooming all together if they are pruned too zealously.

12. It was not given proper support –Climbers must have something to climb on or cling to, such as a post, a wall, or a trellis. Also, some climbers must be tied to the support until they are trained to climb, or they will drag to the ground.

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The Rose Bush that wouldn’t bloom

 … and why– –



1. It had poor light Almost all roses need 4-6 hours of sunlight to bloom.

2. It was not well watered

3. It was not well fed–Roses are heavy feeders, and bloom in proportion to their nutrition levels.

4. It was not fed properlyRoses will produce mostly leaves,   if fed mostly nitrogen.

5. It was not fed at all!(Most common error, see solution above).

6. It was grown in poor soil Roses need good drainage, and good soil to grow in.

7. It was not pruned –Almost all bushes need regular, consistent pruning to hold their shape and bloom their best.

8. It’s root system was poor–Roses need to be well established before they can bloom.

9. It was vulnerable to disease –Could be caused by neglecting the needs above, choosing a high maintenance plant, and not treating it /checking it for problems.

10. It was in general poor health to begin with–Next time, examine your rose closely before purchasing, only buy healthy roses, and follow the rules above. Happy planting!

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